Bryan Gratz


This work is inspired by the appropriation of abstract black and white architectural photography as stock placeholders in comercially available frames, and related themes of structure and geometry are present throughout the work, both in its physical form and in the contents of the images.

Each photograph examines the geometry of mechanics in three complex machines with rudimentary parts - the hammers in a piano and typewriter, and the gears of a bike. These machines are depicted in much the same way as buildings in abstract stock photos, by angular views of repeating curves and lines, but with uncharacteristically vibrant lighting to contrast from its inspiration.

The sculpture digitally senses its distance from its surroundings, allowing the images to react to the viewer's presence, an external human force interrupting their geometry by actuating each mechanism.

Pillar was shown at the Kiehle Gallery's 56th Annual Juried Student Exhibition in 2022, at St. Cloud State University, where it recieved a Dean's Recognition Award.