Distraction Advertisement (AKA The American Dream)
LED Panel, 2023, 7.5" x 7.5" (19cm x 19cm) (32px x 32px, ~4.25 DPI)

In a technologically advanced present, our minds have evolved to flourish in a renaissance of new ideas, but the basic survival instincts hard-coded into our humanity become chores that distract from creation and invention. Instead of using those advances to automate the tedium of survival, our technology is abused for profiteering. Our needs are commodified, monetized, and advertised to us, and we are inescapably taunted with our reliance on them. This piece strips these "advertisements" down to an unending ticker of overstimulating imperatives, commanding both self-preservation and the labor expended to achieve it. Each instruction invokes survival without purpose, and distracts from purpose itself.